St. Germaine Children’s Charity has paved the way for a safer world for young children and vulnerable youth. Due to the generosity of our patrons, we celebrate 36 years of financial support to local child abuse prevention agencies in San Diego, to help provide relief for their programs. We have awarded over $4,800,000 in cash and an estimated $1,700,000 of in-kind donations. However, with the restrictions in place due to COVID-19, child abuse has surged, needs have risen, and charitable giving has fallen significantly. 

As a result, St. Germaine has had to pivot our direction in how we will continue funding the frontline agencies that support these victims. In lieu of our traditional fundraiser, The Silver Tea, we are creating a beautiful cookbook, titled “Dining In, Recipes from La Jolla’s Finest Restaurants” as our main fundraiser. The goal is twofold; raise funds for the child abuse prevention agencies and highlight and support our local community restaurants during this difficult time. The overall concept is to offer an elegant  hardbound cookbook that is fresh and modern, and will feature a compilation of recipes hand selected from our local chefs. We hope to invoke a feeling of the coastal living lifestyle people associate with La Jolla, while also providing a sense of pride and joy to those who purchase our cookbook as they read about the organization, patronage, commitment to our community, and most importantly, our mission to help the abused and neglected of San Diego. 100% of the proceeds from the sale of the cookbook will be allocated to the agencies to support their programs. We are also fortunate and extremely excited that Chef Bernard from the Marine Room and La Jolla Beach & Tennis Club has lent his endorsement and assistance in ensuring the look and success of the book!


These are unprecedented times, and many of the children and young adults we support need our help now more than ever.  We have a small window of opportunity this year to ensure that we are able to contribute in a meaningful way. Please join us  in assisting them by becoming an underwriter and supporter of our St. Germaine cookbook and celebrate our community. There is no greater reward than giving back & making a difference in someone’s life.


We are offering a variety of options to help sponsor our St. Germaine cookbook. In addition to underwriting, there is an opportunity to advertise in either a full or half page ad. Please click below to learn more about sponsorship opportunities. We will also offer a limited number of exceptional auction items online. If you are interested in donating for the auction, please contact



Andrea Gray-Wild

The Whitley Family


Kathleen Cordes & Kevin Costello

The Sprock-Whitley Foundation


Elizabeth Allan

Stefanie & Scott Bedingfield and Family

Gail Donahue

Janice and Steve Farnow

Arthur and Joan Funk Charitable Family Foundation

Carla Rehm


Diana and Don Ambrose

Judge Suzanne Conlon

Gigi Cramer

Team De Jourday

Patricia Grant

Bronwyn Jarvis

Kathleen Lundgren

KOI Wellness

Stephanie Petersen

Sheila & Larry Scaramella


Stefanie & Scott Bedingfield and Family

Lisa & David Casey and Family

Pauline Condrick & Arianne Condrick Bettazzi, Carmel Mountain Preschool

Gail Donahue

Arthur and Joan Funk Charitable Family Foundation

Barbara & Joseph Giammona and Family

Shannon & Brad Kates and Family

The Sessa Family

Tom & Cookie Sudberry

Place Tegland



Team Chodorow

Pauline and Dan Condrick

Gigi Goldman

The Mad Beet

Gayle Martin

Kasia Navarro

Palmer Design

Glenda Rothberg

Shay and Robert Stevens

Walden Family Services


Jeanette Jolla Wright


Kimber and Kent Lee Becker

Annette Bradbury

Meredith Feddersen

Julie B. Fiss

Don & Roni Lincoln

Carol Miller

Caroline Nierenberg

Marilee Warfield


Liz Armstrong

Cindy Barnes

Susan Barrera

Maurine Beinbrink

Karen Benito

Sarah Burton-Hawkins

Anne Chodorow

Arianne Condrick Bettazzi

Becca Craig

Tamara Lafarga-Joseph

Kathryn Munoz

Pfister Family Foundation

Shaun Shields

Patricia Vellinga

Loreen Wilhelmy