Who We Are

Our Mission

To prevent the abuse of children and young adults in San Diego by providing financial support and community awareness to those agencies dedicated to the care, shelter and treatment needed for victims newborn to 25 years of age.


Who We Are: St. Germaine Children’s Charity (SGCC) is a California non-profit 501(c)(3) corporation of approximately 200 members. For 36 years, our base of dedicated and philanthropic members have contributed countless hours of individual  volunteer time. Staffed entirely by volunteers, the organization’s administrative costs are paid through membership dues. Membership is $65 annually and renews each July.

What We Do: SGCC raises critical funds for local child abuse prevention agencies, supporting their programs through our grant process. Providing public awareness of the escalating crisis facing this vulnerable population is an integral part of what we do. We believe meaningful change toward our mission requires a collective effort where we all become aware of the startling statistics and work together to make effective change.

How We Do It: Fundraising events, membership dues, cash, and in-kind donations support the programs. Every contribution is welcomed, appreciated and makes a difference. Our calendar year runs from September until June, during which time we host SGCC events meant to educate, entertain, and give further insight into where and why our donations are needed. Coffee/Cocktails & Conversations held quarterly begins the year by inviting guests either in the morning over coffee, or in the evening with cocktails, to a two-hour program featuring a dedicated speaker from one of our agencies.

Our signature fundraiser, the Silver Tea, is the touchstone of our organization. Typically held the first Tuesday in December, at a local home in La Jolla, this event is a coveted tradition that truly captures the essence of St. Germaine. Guests mingle with refreshments in hand, and are able to bid on auction items while raising money to support our mission. The Representatives from the agencies we support are also on hand to discuss their programs. The monies generated by these events are highlighted at our June Luncheon, where we thank our members and guests for their generosity and introduce all the child abuse prevention agencies we were able to support with our grants.

Why We Do It:  San Diego has seen a fluctuation in the number of reported child abuse cases in 2020.  With the mandatory quarantines and in-home schooling, many teachers, coaches and mentors have been unable to physically “see” the children and young adults who are daily victims of abuse, thus unable to assist them. In addition, these victims are falling prey to sex-trafficking at an alarming rate as the pandemic provides additional fuel on the internet to online traffickers using web cams and videos for exploitation. It has been reported that one in five kids online are sexually propositioned through gaming platforms. The child prevention agencies in San Diego are facing an uphill battle as many organizations that support them are unable to lend their financial support due to these unprecedented times.

However, with very low operating costs, SGCC will continue to lend support. We are able to fund close to 100% of our donations to the agencies and their programs through our grants. The fundraising events, in-kind donations and underwriters support these efforts. Every contribution is welcomed, appreciated and makes a difference. Since its founding in 1984, St. Germaine has awarded over $4,800,000 in cash and an estimated $1,700,000 of in-kind donations to the San Diego community. Regardless of the times, St. Germaine will pivot it’s ways to go forward in its mission.

How We Have Helped: Since 1984, we have supported over 50 local agencies in San Diego that offer supportive services to victims of abuse, neglect and abandonment. Our support has aided in countless services that have touched close to 10,000 children and young adults.

  • Currently, there are over 5,000 reported cases of child abuse within San Diego County.
  • Approximately 2,700 children live in foster care (Newborn-21).
  • The risk of maltreatment is highest for children under 4 years of age.
  • Most child abusers were abused as children.
  • The trauma of child abuse or exposure to domestic violence can have life-long negative physical, psychological, and behavioral effects on the individual, as well as continuing financial and emotional costs to the community.
  • Child maltreatment impacts medical, law enforcement, and legal resources.


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