Past Presidents

Barbara Christensen               (1984-1986)

Sally Irwin/Liz Armstrong      (1986-1987)

Martha Houshar                     (1987-1988)

Elizabeth Nicol                        (1988-1989)

Kathryn Murphy                     (1989-1991)

Ann Davies                              (1991-1993)

Pat Vellinga                             (1993-1994)

Laura Robbins                         (1994-1995)

Betsy Manchester                  (1995-1996)

Judy Stirling                              (1996-1997)

Paula Taylor                            (1997-1999)

Miriam Krippl                          (1999-2001)

Patricia Grant                          (2001-2002)

Corinne Fleming                     (2002-2005)

Mary Johnson                         (2005-2006)

Karen Miller                            (2006-2008)

Terry Cooper                          (2008-2010)

Sheila Scaramella                  (2010-2012)

Suzanne Pope                        (2012-2013)

Karen Miller                            (2013-2014)

Wendy Neri                             (2014-2017)

Bronwyn Jarvis                       (2017-2019)

Stefanie Bedingfield              (2019-2021)

St. Germaine Children’s Charity is a California nonprofit corporation comprised of approximately 300 members committed to stopping child abuse and improving the lives of abused and neglected children in San Diego. Formerly known as St. Germaine Auxiliary to the Child Abuse Prevention Foundation, we assumed the responsibilities of our own 501(c)(3) organization in August 2006.